Kindred Melody is a standalone short film written and directed by Leydi Morfa.


Hector walks out of class after failing a test and hears a song. He looks up and sees a girl walk by with headphones which are blasting music that you could hear. He decides to call out to her but she doesn't listen to him and keeps walking. He follows after her. Is stopped by a group of students walking in front of him and almost gets hit by a car which honks so loud, he is unable to hear the song for a short while. He is finally able to hear again and hears the song coming from his right. He eventually finds her sitting on a bench and goes up to her. She is astounded by a guy coming up to her but quickly realizes he only followed her to find out what is the name of the song she was listening to her and was not really interested in her at all.



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Kindred Melody

Kindred Melody

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The first ever short film by Leydi Morfa.
  • Filmed in 4 hours.
  • Failed test which is actually shown is a test Leydi failed in History of Film the semester before the shoot.